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Topics: Employment, Ethics, Manufacturing Pages: 3 (748 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Greetings! Welcome to Hancock Manufacturing and thank you for taking the time to consider our amazing company! Here at Hancock we strive to be the best at what we do, how we operate and how our employees are treated. We are a growing company that is looking for individuals that can work in a team environment, people who can work with the growing and changing field of technology as it applies to our business and people who can provide ideas that will benefit the company and other employees in a positive way. We hope that this brochure will help to provide you with a brief inside view of what life is like working for Hancock Manufacturing and the tools you will utilize while working here. Please feel free to ask as many questions that you can and thank you again for your consideration. At Hancock Manufacturing we strive to treat everyone fairly and professionally. The company has a strong code of ethics that will be followed and enforced in any means necessary. We believe that if we supply our employees, as well as customers, with a strong code of ethics then employees and customers will feel safe and appreciated. Also at Hancock Manufacturing we will make sure that our employee’s needs are met as well as those of our customers. As a strong company we believe that having a strong code of ethics it will bring employees together and create a rewarding atmosphere.

Hancock Manufacturing has exciting new technologies for our employees to use. New employees will use our web-based training to prepare for their new jobs. We also provide web-based development software for employees to use anywhere they are on demand. Hancock Manufacturing is committed to providing the best technology for our staff which includes a business iPhone to stay up-to-date with clients, appointments, and enables our staff to work from anywhere. Staff can log on to our mobile network to enable them to work from home, on the go, or meeting with clients. At Hancock Manufacturing we feel that by...

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