Group Communication Video Cases Paper

Topics: Communication, Sociology, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 4 (1115 words) Published: August 21, 2011
Group Communication Video Cases Paper
Ephraim Iivula
June 13, 2011
Nicole Darling
University of Phoenix

Group Communication Video Cases Paper
The model of a group communication that attains its objective with easy and success requires a delicate process. An ideal group communication ranges from three to few members gathered and discussing strategies to accomplish a specific goal. Groups’ formations are the result of an old truism that more brains are better than one. Consequently, groups continue to define people’s daily collective efforts to solve problems an immense way. “When groups work effectively, members find the experience motivating and rewarding. Group members also learn a great deal, develop greater cultural understanding, enhance their creativity, and become more engaged in civic life” Engleberg & Wynn, 2010, p13.

While forming a group is the easiest stage, the process becomes complex when group communication begins. This paper analyzes the communication techniques in three group videos by discussing the relationship between group member diversity and communication style. In addition, the paper explores the verbal and nonverbal interaction among members of the groups, and determines the listening techniques used by group members.

The Politics of Sociology Video
Group Member Diversity and Communication Style
This video contains members of the sociology department at a local college brainstorming about the course offerings for the next semester. The group has five members, notably three men and two women engaged in an exchange of ideas. The group composition indicates a good element of diversity and acquaintance of all members, making group communication easier. The group leader urges all members to recognize the integrity of each person’s position in an attempt to achieve a successful group communication....
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