Group Communication

Topics: Social psychology, Individual, Communication Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Group Communication
Adrienne Mezyk
University of Pheonix

When working in a department within a company, there may be times, where all departments must work together in order to accomplish a specific goal. Communication between departments is a vital component for the success of the company and the end goal. When there is a breakdown in communication among the departments then there will not be a solid foundation. Group communication is when a group of individual’s gather in a common area and information’s shared with every member. This is also, where each member of the group can collaborate on ideas and brainstorm with each other in efforts to end with an accepted idea for the project. All individuals in the group must approve the final draft before the final project can be shown. Individual communication is different from group communication. The difference between the two is that with individual communication only one person communicates the idea, concept, and works on the project solely on their own. There are different strategies that help promote individual and group communications. Some strategies that can help a person for individual communication are e-mails, instant messenger, letters, memos, and good old face-to face communication. Strategies for group communication are discussions, planning, and coming up with ideas. When working in a group there will more than likely be some kind of conflicts that will form. The main conflict that arises is disagreements. Some conflict strategies that can take place if there is a disagreement among the group members is; figure out what the disagreement is about, share ideas as to how to improve the idea that is in question and try to come to a compromise. Working on a project with a group can be a bit intimidating for some, so some strategies that can be used to foster group communication are, keeping a positive attitude, encouragement, constructive criticism, and creating a trusting atmosphere. At work, I am...
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