Garment Manufacturing Trends

Topics: United States, Late-2000s recession, Financial crisis Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Among the global processes, garment manufacturing falls as an important factor to economic geography. The garment business has come to be known as a prominent phenomenon in the demanding industry. Apparel manufacturers often have “up and down” problem with production. Constantly changing, this industry is either achieving significant development or declining due to the economy or other dilemmas. In the United States, for example, after several years of strong revenue growth, manufacturers in the apparel industry suffered slower demand conditions in 2008. The downfall was caused by the global financial crisis when banks, the government, financial institutions, and stock markets collapsed in the year 2007. As the global recession hit, demand for higher priced apparel weakened in the United States garment market. This global recession hit not only also damaged America but it effected other countries such as Europe and Japan as well. Due to the failing economy, most United States apparel manufacturing operations folded leaving 97,000 Americans without jobs in apparel production. (Williams) In 2010, after a decade of decline on the economy and business, the United States apparel and non-apparel manufacturing market finally made a recovery. Manufacturing was encouraged and eventually was back in business. Though at a slower rate, the market was predicted to continue experiencing growth until the end of the forecast period. Within 2 years, the market value of the United States apparel & non-apparel manufacturing market grew by 6.2%. (Williams) In 2011, it reached a value of $88.7 billion. (Williams) It was predicted that in 2012 industry demand would grow stronger. Much of

this demand is expected to come from emerging markets, which have rebounded strongly from the economic crisis. Demand from developed markets, led by the United States, is increasing at a more subdued rate. In the past 12 years, the pattern of garment manufacturing in the United States has...
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