Financial and Managerial Accounting: Chapter Summary

Topics: Manufacturing, Management accounting, Costs Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: June 28, 2013
Chapter 2 Quiz 1.) The cost of goods manufactured for a period is the amount transferred from work in process inventory to finished goods inventory during the period? (TRUE) 2.) Differential costs can only be variable costs? (FALSE) can be fixed or variable 3.) The cost of napkins put on each person’s tray at a fast food restaurant is a fixed cost? (FALSE) 4.) A fixed cost is a constant per unit of product? (FALSE) variable would be true 5.) In a manufacturing firm all costs are product costs? (FALSE) 6.) Wages paid to production supervisors would be considered direct labor? (FALSE) 7.) Advertising is a product cost as long as it promotes specific products? (FALSE) 8.) Managerial accounting places less emphasis on non monetary data than financial accounting? (FALSE) 9.) Direct material cost combines with manufacturing overhead cost is known as conversion cost? (FALSE) direct labor 10.) The cost of shipping parts from a supplier is not considered a product cost? (FALSE) it is a product cost 11.) The fixed cost per unit is constant and does not depend on how many units are produced? (FALSE) it does depend (it is not constant) 12.) Managerial accounting is primarily concerned with the organization as a whole rather than with segments of the organization? (FALSE) 13.) Direct labor is a part of both prime cost and conversion cost? (TRUE) 14.) Manufacturing costs are divided into three broad categories- direct materials, direct labor and manufacturing overhead? (TRUE) 15.) All selling and administrative expenses are considered to be period costs? (TRUE) 16.) Product costs are often called inventoriable costs? (TRUE)

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