Farmer Duck

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Farmer Duck by Mark Waddell
This is a short story for children about ‘Farmer Duck’. Farmer duck does all the work on the farm. Most of the characters in this story are animals, but they act like people. The farmer is always in bed and getting fat because he is lazy. He often calls out “How goes the work?” The farmer does this to ask the duck if there are any problems. The duck becomes very tired from doing all the work so the animals plan a way to get rid of the farmer so they can live happily. Martin Waddell wrote this story to entertain and amuse children; however this story demonstrates how ‘Farmer Duck’ is helped when all the farm animals work together. The social purpose of this narrative is to obtain a high level of engagement by students; this is important as young children can tend to lose interest quickly. Students will develop their listening skills and make connections between the pictures and the words. Reading picture books to students introduces them to reading strategies that will be used to develop and extend reading skills. In general, story books are carefully written so that most words can be sounded out and the pictures provide clues as to what the words mean. Narratives such as Farmer Duck are an important part of teaching as they will motivate students to pick up books and work their way through the words to enjoy the story. Exposing children to language through picture books is an important part of the primary school curriculum. ‘Farmer Duck’ constructs a pattern of events with a problematic or unexpected outcome that entertains and instructs the reader. This book entertains because it deals with the unusual and unexpected development of events. Narratives generally incorporate patterns of behaviour that are generally highly valued. This narrative is about Farmer Duck (the field) and his interactions and dialogue (tenor) with the farmer and other animals on the farm. Mark Waddell’s story is for the beginning reader and is a written...
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