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Topics: Facebook, Social media, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: September 17, 2014
2.0 Description of personal experience in performing the roles of communication using any of the social media. If you ask me regarding my experience in performing the entertaining role by using social media, the facebook application is the one who entertains me and also entertains others by me. I am a Facebook user. For me, I enjoyed looking the photo uploaded by my friends. I really feel entertained when I saw the picture taken by my friends that travel in foreign countries like Europe, Korean, Japan and China. Although I do not have money to go overseas, I feel that I already reached there by looking at the beautiful sceneries. Besides that, I am a comedy lover. I always relax myself by seeing the comedy short clips. By the way, I always uploaded the comedy video into my facebook account so that my friends that have the same interest as me will be entertained. Some of my friends will even put their comments after playing the video. This is all about my experience in performing entertaining role using Facebook as a social media. In my experience in contributing knowledge using social media, I still remember I share one article regarding “Ways to release tension in urban life” in my blog. One day, I looked at the comment posted by one visitor of my blog saying that “Thanks guy! The breathing methods help me to come across my hectic life.” I really touched on that moment as I did not expect my role in disseminating knowledge helps other to overcome stress. Besides that, I still remembered my participation in online forum for the subject of merchandising during my diploma study. The e-tutor really helps me a lot for my assignment. He provides a lot of guidelines for me in completing my coursework. From this experience, I can conclude that online forum is a good platform for the learners to gain their knowledge for any topics that are difficult to them. The role of persuading using WeChat as social media is very famous nowadays. I...
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