Education Is the Transmission of Civilization Education

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Education is the transmission of civilization
Education refers to the process of learning and acquiring information .Education can be divided into two main types :formal learning through an institution such as school and the other is self taught learning or what is often termed life experience .Generally education is important for learning basic life skills ,as well as learning advanced skills that can make a person attractive in the job market .Education means the process of gaining knowledge , inculcating proper conduct and acquiring technical competency .It involves the cultivation of an innocent mind ,the instilling of values and principles in the minds of children.It includes the development of skills along with the achievement of ones physical,mental and social development .To put it in technical term education consists of primary,secondary and higher education and ideally it never ends .The process of education that is believed to begin in the womb continues throughout life. Education moves us forward

Education not only creates a better human being but also contributes to the transformation of society .we summoned to take forward our community , village ,city,state, world.but to get that we need tools .The tools to improve the world are want to see a more just world .Further more, the paradox that we find ourselves happy when we forgot our own self and focus on the well beings of others is true.working to improve the society helps us to develop our own capacities, and brings us peace and tranquility ,although that is not the motive .Having said this,we should be mindful that each of us has a double purpose in life ,developing our own potentialities and bettering the kind of world we live in. And the best weapon to talk firmly in these two paths the answer lies in education.

Importance of Education
Education is the key to human advancement .We must strive to learn new...
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