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Topics: Corrugated fiberboard, Computer, Manufacturing Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: November 21, 2013
 Role of Internet in corrugated box industry??

Information technology provides corrugated box manufacturers with effective means of achieving their new manufacturing strategy. Figure 1 shows the framework of a computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) system for corrugated box manufactures. While the early computerization mainly covered data processing functions such as accounting, sales order and delivery entry, the new wave of computerization will very much focus on the value-added activities such as product and process design, production scheduling, production control etc. For corrugated box manufacturers, the key areas of technology are: Specialized design software have made it easy for corrugated box manufacturers to develop their own design capability. Product design consists of graphic design and box design (also called structural design). For graphic design, perhaps the most popular software is CorelDraw; whilst there are several packages available for box design, such as Artios, IPDS (Interactive Packaging Design System) and LaserComb etc, all of which also support differentbrands of sample table. For most of corrugated box manufactures, the challenge is to establish their own design standards and procedures in order to make an effective use of the design software. Computer-aided corrugator and converting scheduling (i.e. finite-capacity): The scheduling is the most effective control point on reducing paper wastage and increasing machine utilization. On the other hand, it is a measurement of information integration and quality of information. An effective computer-aided scheduling system would provide the planners with a so-called Dynamic Planning Board - an environment for planner to create and edit schedule dynamically and intuitively. The impact of every change will be automatically calculated. A good schedule will help reduce work-in-process, shorten lead time and increase machine utilization....
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