Topics: Manufacturing, Assembly line, Production line Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Jones & Cousin Ltd is the company that well-known as producing the fiberscopic medical instruments in the United Kingdom (UK). Because of their product emphasis the innovation product that lead them to become the leader in the market. Their company still expands the production line and improves their traditional product in order to create new product to consumer. However, there are also some problems in manufacturing such as poor delivery service, worse production capacity that customer need to waited more than 6 weeks . These were effect to Jones & Cousin’s reputation. In this report will examine the critical problems in new producing new product and all products in Jones & Cousin’s industry, and discuss a person who plays an importance role in these major issues. Furthermore, it will provide the solutions to solve these problems.

Fiberscopic medical instruments are the equipment using in the healthcare sector. The purpose is used to minimally invasive procedure as keyhole surgery that requires only small incisions in an operation. Consequently, the patient will obtain advantages both physically and financially, short recovery that reduces expenses overall. This technology leads Johns & Cousin Company dominating nearly whole of market share. The Jones & Cousin’s company constructed central warehouse in order to distribute the product thought domestic dealers and international. Then the products will supply though to customers. The manufacturing fiberscopic instruments production process consist 3 processes as assembly, packaging, sterilization. After the past several years, Jones &Cousin’s company was continuously generated various products by improving existing products with innovative feature and present the market as new products around 12 new products to the market. Even though, these new products has been overwhelming Response from customer, the manufacturer were face on the big problem on poor delivery.

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