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Motivation letter for “Ineraction Design” master’s programme Dear Sir or Madam,

In addition to all my documents provided, I would like to take this great opportunity to write a motivation letter to clarify reasons that drive me to study in Chalmers University of Technology.

I am student from Latvia and in summer 2009 I graduated from Riga Technical University, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, acquiring bachelor’s degree in engineering and computer science. I gained knowledge in various subjects related to the field of computer science like mathematics, algorithms, object-oriented programming, functional programming, software development methodologies, fundamentals of artificial intelligence etc. Currently I am continuing studies at the master’s level.

During the studies I tried using every opportunity to educate and improve myself, for example, I participated in student exchange programme ERASMUS and studied on semester at University of Southern Denmark. Although studies were organized very differently than I had used to, this semester was a significant asset to my education. Even more importantly I improved very much as a person, I met very different people from different cultures and broadened my view of the world. I have always been fascinated by computer graphics in movies and computer games, hence to satisfy my curiosity I chose to write my bachelor’s thesis about three-dimensional surface construction methods. I mainly focused on analyzing surfaces defined by functions, giving a brief attention to a polygonal mesh. I analyzed and compared various interpolation (Lagrange, Hermite, Spline) and approximation (Bezier, B-Spline, NURBS) methods used in curve and surface design. Thanks to this thesis I gained confidence that concepts and math behind the computer graphics are not from another world.

Currently I am working as a .NET programmer at Accenture where my responsibilities include implementing business functionality,...
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