Computer in Our Lives

Topics: Computer, Artificial intelligence Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: December 8, 2005
Our lives have changed greatly because of advances in computer technology. Many of our traditional habits have also changed because of computers. Things that were only dreams a few years ago are now possible due to computers. If one day all the computer systems were to stop working, we would have huge problems.

In the banking system computers are now vital for all parts of the financial business. They allow the bank to save time which also means money. Now imagine a failure of a bankfs computer system. The clients will start calling to know why their banking operations have not been completed, like deposit, withdrawal, refunds. Everything will come to a stop. Banks are all interlinked and also to financial companies and to governmentCso financial transactions with these organizations would also be affected. All the information is stored in computers and without the computer systems to process the data our financial system will come to a complete halt. Also the stock market cannot function with computers.

In the airport, each flight is monitored and controlled by computers. If the reservation computer is down tour operators and airlines will have big trouble. Planes need other types of computers for the navigation system and cannot land or take off safely. Large traffic jams will take place in the sky just like on land. We could imagine passengers in the terminal of an airport waiting for their flights. Nobody will know when the problem would be resolved or when they can depart. After the 9-11 events people have lost much of their confidence in the airlines and in security in airports. So some of them have stopped flying due to the fear of what could happen.

In case where a main computer in a general hospital of Montreal is shut down, it could affect other medical buildings connected to this system and could be fatal to some patients. A woman could be ready to deliver her baby and now is waiting for the doctor. But the doctor can not receive this...
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