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Topics: Albert Einstein, Manufacturing, Marketing Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: December 1, 2013

- man-made vs machine made ; which give greater benefits?

Background information
1) According to today's reality, the number of graduate that is jobless is increasing from day to day. 2) Albert einstein once said "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." 3) Man-made can be define as something that is created using human physical, not using machine while machine-made is vice-versa.

Thesis statement
Both way of creating things has it advantages and disadvantages because nothing is perfect. So, to make thing clearer, we narrower the topic into three aspect. Jobs opportunities, production, and quality.

Body paragraph

1) Jobs opportunities
i) Man-made used a lot of skilled labor such as designer, installer, evaluator, painter and many more. So, jobs opportunities is higher
ii) Machine-made used only a few employee such as for designing the machine, maintaining and monitoring
iii) through man-made, more and more skilled labor were produces.

2) Production
i) Machine-made produce masses product where man-made produce least product. ii) Led to decreasing in price. Masses product is saver compare to little production ii) masses product allows broader marketing while man-made produces limited product. But, the manufacturer can change that by putting exclusivity like what have been done by Bugatti and Rolls Royce. By doing this can cover their price

3) Quality
i) Man-made used to be more quality than machine-made because every inch was observed. Hence, the price will be higher but its still worth it because the quality given
ii) usually, the guarantee given by man-made things is better than machine-made. this is because the manufacturer can guarantee that 99% of the product is carefully made and the possibilities of defection is about not existed iii) Futhermore, man-made products are more proud that machine-made. Because the efforts show was...
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