Communication Styles

Topics: Communication, Patient, Health care Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Communication Styles
Kathy Cisneros
HCS 350
June 5, 2013
Debbi Diaz

Communication Style Case Study
Robin: Aggressive Communication
Robin selected to use an aggressive communication style. She offended Rashad and put him down in-front of other staff members. Rashad got his feelings hurt and in return he is planning to act and try to get even with her. By doing this it will create tension among them and having the need for revenge can affect patient’s care because Rashad’s energy will be used to see how Robin can pay for what she did. Rashad will not give his best on patient’s care because he will be confused of what his role is as an aid. Robin offended him and in everything that she said she never mention what is his role. Robin needed to explain to Rashad what is his role as an aid in a non-offensive and this will make a stronger professional-professional relationship by knowing how to communicate with each other. Pamela: Passive Communication

Pamela communicated passively. She gave an assignment to Brigite and then had to redo it because she was not sure if Brigite did it right. If Pamela trained Brigite on how to perform a task, Pamela did not had to redo the testing because when she delegates a task she is sure that the task will get done correctly. This probably made Brigite feel that she did the test wrong and that she is not a reliable volunteer. Pamela spent time delegating to Brigite and more time re-testing everyone. This was not proper use of time management and use of resources. Pamela should have asked “who did you test?” and checked how old were the previous readings. Brigite will probably not be there again to volunteer and this will give more work for the school nurse. Having more work for the school nurse can probably also affect the results because now she will be in a hurry trying to get everything done by herself. Rosa: Assertive

Rosa was assertive on her communication, but the response of Mabel was aggressive....
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