communication needs

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Support individuals with specific communication needs

Communication is the basis of all relationships regardless of whether personal or professional, and regardless the nature of communication. it is important to meet an individual’s communication needs be it, sign language, verbal, picture boards verbal or just a touch and facial expressions, individuals who have communication problems needs support to express themselves effectively. It is therefore important for me to be aware of the individuals preferred method of communication and to support them to use it.

as a carer it is my role and responsibility to support individuals to express themselves, the way they can do this is by assessing their needs, access information regarding there communication needs, providing the appropriate support, aids or equipment, encouraging and motivating communication, working with others. Without the support the individual would be unable to express their needs and how they feel which could lead to emotional and physical difficulties. By supporting individuals with specific communication needs you are able to support their rights.

what could hinder me with communication in the environment could be poor lighting, noise levels, whether the room is to hot or cold, other distractions could be the television or other people and no privacy, talking with face or mouth covered, chewing or eating. Echo too many hard surfaces.

What could help is
Lighting conditions, good lighting light should be on talkers face. Private warm environment where the individual would feel more relaxed, seating not too far away for each other,

They may not be able to share a language system with the recipient of the communication They may not be able to speak for some medical or physical reason. They may not be able to access their normal language skills e.g. following a stroke There may be a barrier to normal methods to communication (distance or noisy environment) They...
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