Communication in the Workplace

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Communication in the Workplace

June 12, 2013

Communication in the Workplace
Communication and its many assets are very important. In order to be successful in anything we need to have effective communication. Although effective communication is very important in today’s world we will have issues with ineffective communication, also known as barriers. To communicate you need to have a sender, receiver and a message. It is important to relay any message with accuracy, with errors we then begin to have barriers causing ineffective communication. Technology is another factor that can be helpful but needs to be used properly. In my organization we use autocratic, democratic, paternalistic and laissez-faire. We are all about rights as well as delegating things to the appropriate parties. In my opinion having a combination of all management styles is important and makes it easier when you need to adjust to the different situations. Every situation and work day (involving who you work with) can be different. You make need to be more of a laissez-faire or paternalistic manager when you work with someone who needs direction at work. In my work facility we share knowledge and anything we need, thoroughly through emails, verbally and our communication book; which in our communication book you can find a lot of different information with dates, times, descriptions, etc. The more through we are the more likely we have communicated effectively even though the receiver or receivers may not be there. To communicate effectively there are five main techniques that can help you to improve. First off there is brainstorming; when you brain storm you are just throwing ideas out there in order to get any ideas together. There are also workplace tours which can also be known as a form of training. By doing tours you can allow others to see how another spectrum does things and learn how to improve or find new ways of doing things. Stakeholder surveys and stakeholder meetings are...
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