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Compared with other economic sciences, sports economics mainly discuss the relationship between sports and economics, and about how limited sports resources are effectively allocated. Sports this special cultural phenomenon has the inseparable connection with social and economic phenomenon. Economy is the foundation of sports emergence and development, whose development restricts sports development. At the same time, the scale and development level of sports can reflect the status and level of economic development. Sports economic is an art which discuses about how limited sports resources is effectively allocated and also about dealing with the problem in sports field by using the knowledge of economics, which fully shows the sports characteristic, that is we cannot mechanically apply the term and regularity in the economic field to the sports field. We should discern economic law and economic concepts to clarify its economic phenomenon according to the characteristics of the sports fields and combining practices. Sports economic operation standardization, magnetization and industrialization. In a market economy conditions, the sports economy of operation, essentially sporting needs and the sports producers between sports product exchange. It includes the purchase and sale of sports products two opposites processes. On the one hand, Sports demanders by paying some money to purchase sports products to get experience and enjoyment in a variety of sports activities. On the other hand, sports producer will sell sport products to sports needs, to get some income. The sports product is a service-based products. Therefore, the constituent elements of sports products can be used repeatedly and provided. Thus, contributing to sport economics as a separate economic development and maturation. Nowadays, sport economy are stepping into globalization. The most globalized features of the sports economy today are represented by: (1) sports shows

(2) sports mega-events....
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