Chapter 15

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Chapter 15
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While Timberland was rapidly growing, it did not build _____________, which ended up causing many problems for the company.
A. long-term relationships with its new international retailers B. a tightly managed and coordinated global manufacturing and logistics system C. short-term relationships with its suppliers
D. an international tracking system
E. advanced manufacturing facilities


What is the process of creating a product called?
A. bureaucracy
B. materials management
C. production
D. administration
E. R&D


_____________ is the activity that controls the transportation of physical materials through the value chain, from procurement through production and into distribution. A. operations
B. production
C. materials management
D. bureaucracy
E. logistics


Which of these in relation to materials management refers to the procurement and physical transmission of material through the supply chain, from suppliers to consumers? A. interchange
B. logistics
C. reciprocation
D. conveyance
E. operations


Two important objectives shared by both manufacturing and materials management are to simultaneously:
A. increase quality and increase revenues
B. increase product awareness and lower costs
C. lower costs and increase quality
D. increase revenues and decrease customer complaints
E. increase quality and reduce inventories


Which of the following is not a result of improved quality control? A. Greater product quality means lower warranty costs
B. Increased product quality means lower scrap costs
C. Increased quality leads to lower unit costs
D. Productivity increases because time is not wasted manufacturing poor-quality products that cannot be sold
E. Increased product quality means higher rework


The main management technique that companies are utilizing to boost their product quality is: A. total quality management.
B. materials management.
C. reengineering.
D. logistics.
E. Deming quality management system


Saving time by not producing poor quality products that cannot be sold, lowering rework costs, lowering scrap costs, and lowering warranty costs are the intended results of: A. total feature management.

B. reengineering.
C. logistics.
D. total quality management.
E. materials management


The TQM concept was developed by a number of American consultants such as: A. Martin Wolf, R.B. Weber, and Raymond Vernon.
B. W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, and A.V. Feigenbaum.
C. J.H. Dunning, M. McQueen, and Michael Porter.
D. Paul Krugman, Raymond Vernon, and Michael Porter.
E. David Ricardo, Raymond Vernon, and Michael Porter

10. ____________ argued that management should embrace the philosophy that mistakes, defects, and poorquality materials are not acceptable and should be eliminated. A. Deming
B. Juran
C. Vernon
D. Krugman
E. Porter
11. Which of the following is not a suggestion from Deming?
A.Management should create an environment in which employees will not fear reporting problems or recommending improvements
B. Work standards should be defined as number or quotas
C Quality of supervision should be improved by allowing more time for supervisors to work with . employees and by providing them with the tools they need to do the job D. Achieving better quality requires the commitment of everyone in the company E. Work standards should be defined to include some standard of quality 12. Before the firm is allowed access to the European marketplace, the European Union requires that the quality of a firm's manufacturing processes and products be certified under a quality standard known as __________________

A. total quality management
B. reengineering
C. BT 12000
D. ISO 9000
E. QM 15000
13. The key decision factors that pertain to where an international firm locates its manufacturing facilities can be grouped under...
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