Case Study 1 - Introduction to Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Advertising Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: September 21, 2013

Tourou University International
MKT 301: Principals of Marketing
Module 1 Case Study: Introduction to Marketing
Professor: Dr. William Cohen
Core Faculty: Dr. Joseph Ray

The marketing department for Skoda had massive hurdles to overcome in order for this manufacturer to be competitive in the automobile industry. For decades this brand name had experienced a horrible and initially justified reputation for producing a substandard product, however, over time the quality improved but the reputation remained. With that being said, these two items, reputation and product quality were the key points in Skoda’s marketing strategy. Their overall marketing strategy, in my opinion was brilliant; they would concentrate all of their energies on one target market group-those individuals who considered the product worthless and “rejected” the idea of ever owning one of these cars. The next step would be to find those individuals whose reputation was such that they would be able to influence others on the quality of the product. The marketing department for Skoda developed a plan that would use humor as a way to increase awareness of their product. This was the marketer’s ploy to get hold of the consumer’s attention and get them talking about their product. Similar strategies were extremely successful for the restaurant Wendy’s with their “where’s the beef” slogan and R.J. Reynolds use of the grammatically incorrect slogan for Winston cigarettes “Winston taste good, like a cigarette should”. These slogans would grab the consumer’s attention and stick in their mind and when they were out and about they would recognize these products. Skoda was trying to do the same thing when they were making fun of their product’s reputation in their advertisements. It increased the awareness of the product and people would recognize the car when they would see it during their daily activities. This was the first step and it was...

References: 1. “Skoda is taken from trash to treasure: TV campaign boosts car’s brand mileage”; by Dana James; Marketing News; Feb 18,2002
2. “The Tipping Point”; by Malcolm Gladwell
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