Business Research Ethics

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Business Research Ethics 2
The medical field is one that unethical research happens. The way it happens is when doctors or hospitals publish findings in some area but they do not research other results for the same test. In the article titled “The highly profitable but unethical business of publishing medical research”, it discusses how to make money in the medical field companies do not complete research and just publish information without the complete facts that accompany it. The reason publishing medical information without the complete research is unethical is because it can cause great damage to the consumer reading the report. It is also a problem because it means that the researchers in charge of looking up the right information are not doing their job. A better way to understand it is by know what unethical behavior is. According to, “Unethical behavior in business runs the gamut, from simple victimless crimes to huge travesties that can hurt large numbers of people. Whether it is stealing a pen, padding an expense report, lying to avoid a penalty or emitting toxic fumes into the air, unethical behavior cannot be condoned by a company. A strict ethics policy is the cornerstone for any business that wants to maintain a good reputation” ("Chron", 2013).

Business Research Ethics 3
In the article there are several issues presented. The first one is the lack of information that is the primary unethical behavior involved in the case. The reason it is unethical is because in the medical field the medicines can cause consumers to get sick and each medication has a set of side effects that need to be reported and informed to the consumer. Medical research cannot skip details. It needs to be the most detailed report available to consumers. The affected parties are ultimately the consumers who get misinformed....

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Chron. (2013). Retrieved from
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