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Topics: Manufacturing, 19-inch rack, Knowledge Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Describe a project, activity or event that you have planned. What did you do, how did you measure your success and what did you learn? This was a project that I have done during my summer internship in NG-Energo. I was asked to work for redeveloping warehouse for metal. Chief engineer has provided information for me about quantity of metal-roll that they have. However, he also asked to make a double check of this information. After I have done this work, I have started with a proposal of how this space can be improved to make access to metal easier. Because, the main problem with warehouse was the time which is need to find metal part that was needed. So, I have done a research, using company's information to understand what parts are using more during manufacture process. Using this information, I have made a proposal which was included a number of metal racks of different sizes. These racks can be put on each other by 3 in the high. Also each group of rack has their own platform. It was done to help find the place of rack. Different sizes were used for different size bars. I have showed this proposal to chief engineer and other staff and they said that I could start with modeling these rack in CAD software. And the main problem that I have met was that in Russia people is using different standards then solidworks has. So, I have spent at least three days to solve this problem. When I have finished with this part of work, we have built one rack to test it on the load. Everything was good and after week we have completed redeveloping of warehouse space. Engineers, who are working with metal bar, were satisfied with new warehouse. According to me, this project was taught me how to work with projects in the big company. What steps should be done to make your project successful. And also I have improved my skills in communication with people and understanding manufacture process. During my first year in the university I have took part in the university business...
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