Behavior Modification

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Behavior Modification To Increase Exercise Habits
The main behavior modification that I want to change about myself is to increase my exercising habits. I would like to increase my exercising habits because I never exercise, so if I exercise size a little bit each week then I will have an increase on my exercise habit. I would also like to increase my exercise habit because it would make me a healthier person. Being healthy is very important to me for my future. I lack the motivation to exercise all the time, so if I really put my mind to it I could exercise at least 3 times a week. Even though 3 times a week for exercising is not very much, it is a start. When I start a goal that I am truly dedicated to happen I become a very motivated person and the people around me react very positively which gives me the motivation that I need in order to reach my set goal.

Starting to exercise for me is very essential in order for me to get back into shape. Even though I am skinny does not mean that I am healthy which is unfortunate. Along with a healthy exercise habit I would need to develop a healthy diet plan too which would best suit my bodies needs. Coming up with a healthy exercise and diet plan is very important in order for me to achieve the results that I am looking for in myself. Being a healthy individual with how I exercise and what I choose to eat is a requirement for me. Also, becoming more fit will mean that I will have more energy for the family and friends around me, so that I can do a lot more and be around them more often then most.

The contemplation stage of this model is what I am currently using. I realize that I do have a problem behavior with my decrease exercising habit. Within the next 6 months I plan on taking steps in changing my life by creating an exercising plan and diet plan. I will do some research on my body mass index and...
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