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1. Give examples for the supply chain types. Then mention the type is being used in your company.

Integrated Make to Stock
The integrated make-to-stock supply chain model focuses on tracking customer demand in real time, so that the production process can restock the finished-goods inventory efficiently. This integration often is achieved through use of an information system that is fully integrated.


1-Starbucks Coffee (
2-It is a usually associated with the industrial revolution mass production techniques. Examples include ready-to-wear apparel, books, televisions, airline flights, spec homes, and standard vacation packages.

Build to Order
Make-to-order products and services are designed, produced, and delivered to customer specifications in response to customer orders. In this model, one begins the assembly of the customer’s order (from components) almost immediately upon receipt of the order. This requires careful management of the component inventories and delivery of needed supplies along the supply chain This type of supply chain model supports the concept of mass customization.


1-Examples include wedding invitations, custom-built homes, custom-tailored clothes, charter airline flights, component parts, and most professional services (such as medical, legal, and financial services). 2-Dell Computer is best known for its application of the build-to-order model

Continuous Replenishment
The idea of the continuous-replenishment supply chain model is to replenish the inventory constantly by working closely with suppliers and intermediaries.


1-This model is most applicable to environments with stable demand patterns, as the case with distribution of prescription medicines. E.g. McKessen Co. 2-Campbell Soup Company
However, if the replenishment process involves many shipments, the cost could be too high, causing the supply chain to collapse. Therefore, tight integration is...
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