Bachelor in Business Administration

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Bachelor in Business Administration
Natascha Pedersen
CSS 101/CollegeAmerica

Bachelor in Business Administration
My chosen field is business administration; the requirements for enrolling in this program are to have graduated from an accredited high school, private secondary school, or have completed a GED (CollegeAmerica, 2013). As I am an international student the requirements were slightly different; my transcripts needed to be translated and evaluated by a credential evaluation organization. This was mainly necessary due to the language obstacle and the use of a different grading system in Europe. In order to receive the proper evaluation, World Education Services (WES) needed to evaluate my papers. WES is a credential evaluation organization approved by CollegeAmerica. All the papers needed to be translated word by word and had to be sent to WES by the attended institutions directly. When all the papers were received by WES they evaluated them and a report was issued. This report enabled the admissions officers to understand my degrees, courses and grades and was send to CollegeAmerica directly. Upon receipt of this report my enrolment at college could be finalized.

Before we start talking about my chosen field I would like to first explain my background. In 1995 I completed a career training program as management assistant and I immediately started working in this business field. The reason for choosing this path was based on the fact that I was running out of government funds and thus running out of money. It became necessary for me to find a job. In the end this path was chosen more based on necessity then a calling. If I am honest, at the time I had no idea what I would want to be when I grew up. Being a trained assistant meant that I had this job position throughout my working years. Luckily, I always had many possibilities to develop and grow further within these positions. However, I usually got stuck at one point and was not able to...

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