All I Need to Know About Manufacturing I Learned in Joe’s Garage

Topics: Management, Control system, Work in progress Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: April 20, 2008
All I Need To Know About Manufacturing I Learned In Joe’s Garage By William B. Miller, Vicki L. Schenk


1. The workers were issued envelopes containing Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering drawings. a)Ralph observed certain inconsistencies between the two sets of drawings. b)The two departments that were responsible for producing the drawings do not communicate with each other. The Engineering department does not design for manufacturing. It seems that efficiency and costs are not considered in the design phase.

2) By buying lumber cut to length he would have cut production time, waste, labor and costs related with tooling. Less space would have been required. It is also likely that the quality of the material would have been better as a lumber yard uses better tools than a skill saw. a) Joe applies a rigid method without thinking ahead and works with concepts that do not apply to what he is doing because he does not know otherwise. Bulk is always cheaper does not work in his case. b)In this theoretical case, it is possible to save money because he does not pay extra labor other than the rented cop and he uses his own tools. If he would have had to pay labor and buy extra tools, the real cost of using bulk lumber would have been higher.

2. Ralph suggested that less people could have done the same job faster. Instead of many teams waiting one after the other and wasting time by moving the material around, one team could work in the garage, with the lumber pile nearby, making one section at a time. Ralph’s layout is superior for a couple of reasons. The materials required and the place were the final product is needed are close, so work in progress is not moved around. The process can be improved fast, as the errors are detected early.

4. The planning and control of the whole process is inadequate. The size of the whole operation becomes disproportionate to its outcome. Too much energy and time is devoted to recording waste...
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