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Topics: Alexander the Great, Achaemenid Empire, Philip II of Macedon Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great was a mastermind when it comes to tactics. Throughout his lifetime he conquered over half of the world that they knew of. As a child the philosopher Aristotle taught Alexander. His father was the King of Macedon, Phillip the 2nd. While Alexander the Great was a devious leader, his strategies in war helped him to conquer that land and become known as Alexander the Great. Alexander’s education as a child helped him to come up with strategies like no one else. During battle Alexander used one main tactic that was supposedly very affective. Alexander ruled the largest empire of the Ancient world and began his war against the Persians in 334 CE. The Battle of Guagamela was one of most well known battles by Alexander.

Alexander the Great was taught as a child by one of the best philosophers ever. His name was Aristotle. Phillip the 2nd (Alexander’s father) destroyed Aristotle’s hometown and agreed to rebuild it and bring back the people that he turned into slaves on one condition, only if he would teach his son. Not only did he pick Aristotle due to his intelligence, but because of the connection between to his father who served as court physician to an earlier Macedonian King. Alexander’s education took place in a place different from the capitol city of Pella, an isolated village called Mieza, which was in the so-called Precinct of the Nymphs. In Alexander’s time of lessons, Aristotle taught him the basics, poetry, rhetoric, geometry, astronomy, and eristic, which was the practice of arguing a point from either side. While being taught Alexander took an interest into medicine. Another one of his favorite subjects was Greek poetry. He saw the mythical story of Achilles as a model to follow his own life. Alexander spent three years study with Aristotle while his father was mobilizing troops to battle Perinthus and Byzantium. At the age of sixteen Phillip sent Alexander to return and serve as Regent of Macedonia and Master of...
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