Agency Issue

Topics: Manufacturing, Working time, 35-hour workweek Pages: 4 (1048 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Agency Issue no. 1
ABC company limited is a merchandising company that purchase good and sale it to others . the employees which load goods from the wear and reach their destination or customers wear house use a vehicle which is provided to employees for the transportation of goods .but they are using that transport facility for their personal use it is an agency issue which is facing ABC company . Solution

Owner of company should observe and estimate the time which can be consumed during goods transported . then offer their employees that if hey come back to the warehouse in that time will get incentive .this way may he she resolve this issues Agency Issue no. 2

Pakistan sweet home(orphan’s home) the institution of government which is opened by the bait-ul-maal in the gujrat for the welfare of the orphan children.A agency issue is there the mother mates which are appointed for take care of children are kept the grocery items to there personal use which government provided for the use of children’s of sweet home (orphans home). Solution

Project incharge should absence that who much grocery items are used daily and issued grocery items to the only one person and take the repot about the use of those items daily at the end of working day . Agency Issue no. 3

Another problem which is faced by sweet home is workers are wasting their times they are not loyal with there jobs .government provided full size television for the refreshment of children but the workers are watch TV daily regularly in the working time when the project incharge is not available at job due to any office work .the workers do not watch cartoon to children but they are watching today’s unethical videos and films they show there unethically behavior on the job or during working hours . Solution

Project incharge should lock the TV room in the working hour if he she is not available at the job due to any office work .in this way they cannot watch TV in the working hours . Agency Issue...
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