Adventure Works Cycles Business Scenarios

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Adventure Works Cycles, the fictitious company on which the AdventureWorks sample databases are based, is a large, multinational manufacturing company. The company manufactures and sells metal and composite bicycles to North American, European and Asian commercial markets. While its base operation is located in Bothell, Washington with 290 employees, several regional sales teams are located throughout their market base.

In 2000, Adventure Works Cycles bought a small manufacturing plant, Importadores Neptuno, located in Mexico. Importadores Neptuno manufactures several critical subcomponents for the Adventure Works Cycles product line. These subcomponents are shipped to the Bothell location for final product assembly. In 2001, Importadores Neptuno, became the sole manufacturer and distributor of the touring bicycle product group.

Coming off a successful fiscal year, Adventure Works Cycles is looking to broaden its market share by targeting their sales to their best customers, extending their product availability through an external Web site, and reducing their cost of sales through lower production costs.

Sales and Marketing Scenario
Customer and sales-related information is a significant part of the AdventureWorks sample database. This topic provides details about the customers that are represented in the sample database, a schema of the major customer and sales tables and sample queries that demonstrate table relationships.

I. Customers Types
As a bicycle manufacturing company, Adventure Works Cycles has two types of customers:

Individuals. These are consumers who buy products from the Adventure Works Cycles online store. Stores. These are retail or wholesale stores that buy products for resale from Adventure Works Cycles sales representatives. The Customer table contains one record for each customer. The column CustomerType indicates whether the customer is an individual consumer (CustomerType= 'I') or a store (CustomerType= 'S'). Data specific...
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