Advantages of Small Town Living vs. the Advantages of Big City Living

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Jay Holeman

June 1, 2014

ENG 1100

Advantages of Small Town Living vs. the Advantages of Big City Living

I have lived in small towns with their quiet charm and easy lay back living. I have also lived in big city where this is always something to do. But what if you had to choose? Let's compare the two. Both small towns and big cities have aspects and qualities that are good, one has a slower typing of living, while the one is fast.

In a small town, there are some values that are more important and more difficult to achieve. Such values include the enjoyment of nature, the warmth and comfort of humanity, and the inner strength of enlightenment. Becky Tijuana says that "in small town you can find your spirituality." In crowded and busy cities, nature is almost completely neglected and eliminated. Technology, industries, and tall buildings eliminate the beauty of nature to introduce the advancements of humanity. Also stress is lower in a small town it's not as noisy, or congested, it's just peaceful.

Another important factor to living in a small town is that people stop and smell the roses. They take life seriously but not so serious that they don't take time for small things. Small towns have more of a neighborly attitude. On Friday nights the most important thing is who won the football game. Becky Tijuana believes that it also keeps people more "morally focused" because of the closeness of not only family but friends as well. This is because there are more people to hold others accountable for their actions. People in small towns come together more when tragedy strikes by helping the family or person affected by the tragedy. If it one person or family it affects them all. There is usually a town square with benches and older gentlemen can be seen sitting and talking about days gone by. Children play out in the yards until late evening catching lightening bugs while parents sit on poaches and talk. These can be seen in a big city if you look but...

Cited: Beal, Susan Klatz. "Benefits of Living in a City." LifePaths 11 March 2011. Web. 27 May 2011.
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I changed my first sentence to include what I personally experienced in a small town and in a large city. I used a two questioned as hook. I changed my thesis statement from three sentences to one sentence. In the statement I added what the difference was that I was going to talk on. I broke the paragraph one into two paragraphs. In the third paragraph I spoke more of the closeness that can be found in the small towns. In every paragraph I went into more detail about the points I made, why I made them. I want the person reading the essay to be able to see themselves in the small town or big city. In the last paragraph I listed things that were touch on for both small towns and big cities. I added my final thoughts. At the end I asked the reader a question.
I included two references each from Becky Tijuana and Susan Klatz Beal.
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