Advantages of Lean Manufacturing

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Advantages of Lean Manufacturing
1. Reduce in Waste
Lean manufacturing refers to the techniques, processes and strategies taken by organizations all over the world in order to reduce unproductive and useless tasks, functions and behaviors in work environment. It helps to reduce operational costs and aims to boost, reinstate and raise the competitiveness of an organization. There are seven types of waste within the work environment which lean manufacturing strives to reduce, if not remove totally. These are over production, over processing, motion, transportation, inventory, scrap, waiting and defects. 2. Improved worker satisfaction

In lean manufacturing, employees have the authority to make improvements in any stage of the business process. For instance, workers at each work station are entrusted with the responsibility to make sure that a product meets certain quality standards before passing it over to the next station. They can send back a product to the previous station in case it doesn't meet the quality standards. So, quality checks are introduced into the process instead of checking the product at the end of the business process. Techniques of quality improvement enable employees to participate in the changes to production methods and processes. As a result, they feel that their services are valuable to the organization. Letting employees participate in these changes has a good impact on their morale and as a result, productivity increases. A productive team increases the level of production and reduces employee turnover to a great extent. As workers acquire more knowledge of the whole business, the quality of customer service offered also improves. 3. Cost saving

To minimize costs, an organization has to produce only according to the demands of its clients. The main purpose of lean manufacturing is to lower manufacturing costs. It helps companies to produce a new product using half of the amount of their available workforce, investment, manufacturing...
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