3d Direct to Garment Printer Printing in the United States Industry Set Off Tide, Hopes Are High Expectations of the Revitalization of the Manufacturing Industry

Topics: Inkjet printer, 3D printing, Fused deposition modeling Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Direct to garment printer recent market conditions analysis The Economist magazine believes that 3D direct to garment printer printing technology represents new development trend of manufacturing industry, it will promote the implementation of the third industrial revolution. Currently two 3D printer worldwide manufacturing giants, respectively a Stratasys and 3DSystems,2012-year, Stratasys shares doubled 3DSystems shares have increased almost twice, and the Nasdaq composite index has only risen in the same period to 18%.

3D printing technology application prospect is broad. In theory, almost as long as there are available through the 3D printer is copied out. The future, 3D printing technology is expected to be in traditional manufacturing, health care, heritage conservation, architecture, jewelry and other accessories are used. After you have 3D printing technology has been widely used, everyone can be a factory, consumers, and even to print at home or store near their shoes, toys and kitchen utensils. They design products can be downloaded from the Internet, and then modifying according to their own preferences, and change the product to meet your needs.

Market review: CSI 300 index last week rose 0.5%, szse SME index rose 1.65%, the gem index rose 2.3%, the computer (CITIC) companies gain 1.51%. Plate a unit gains Qian five name respectively for: in the Wei electronic (300,270), and large wisdom (601,519), and silver letter technology (300,231), and rapoo technology (002577), and in the sea technology (002401); decreases Qian five name respectively for: easy Alliance all (300,096), and extension, thought (300,229), and Wan pass technology (002331), and new Northern (002376), and days was given a information (300,205).

Industry news: Internet gold Commissioner of Customs project (phase II) the approved project.

Medical App market amounted to us $ 1.7 billion in 2014.

August before software business revenue increased 26.2%. company news: aliyun...
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