25 Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2015

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25 Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2015

Are you planning to start a business in 2015? Have you already chosen the best business to start in this brand new year? Before you finally decide to start registering and running your business, you may first have a look at the other good business opportunities that are available in the Philippines. According to the Department of Tourism and Industry (DTI), 2015 is the “visit the Philippines” year. This means that businesses that are related to the travel industry could be hot or in demand this year. Aside from looking at the future, we can also learn from the past to realize what business ideas can be profitable in 2015. In the last few years (especially 2013 and 2014), we’ve seen our country battered by super typhoons and other natural calamities. This could give us a hint that businesses which are related to renewable energy, safety and security would also be good business ideas in 2015. If you’re starting a business in the Philippines, check out the following list of business ideas to begin in 2015. 1. Travel and tour business. As I said, 2015 is a “visit the Philippines” year according to the DOT. Hence, expect more tourists (local and foreigners) to find companies and individuals who can help them get the best travel and tour packages, including airline fees and hotel discounts. 2. Hotel and accommodation. With events in 2015 like the coming of the Pope, most hotels are already fully booked even as early as 2014. Aside from the Papal visit, there are also many other interesting reasons why many tourists are flocking to the Philippines. Thus, hotels, pension houses, inns, bed and breakfast houses and other types of establishments in the accommodation industry could be the hottest business ideas in 2015. 3. Van/car/bike for hire. Foreign tourists, OFWs and local tourists will be looking for vans, cars and even bikes to comfortably and enjoyably tour the different places in our country. 4. Money changer. When foreign tourists and OFWs come in, they will be looking for money changers to exchange their foreign currencies. 5. Online publishing or blogging. Did you know that there are Filipino bloggers who are earning a lot by just blogging from home? But of course the giant media companies are earning more than that. Media companies, like ABS-CBN, Rappler, Inquirer and GMA are earning millions from the ads on their websites alone. 6. Website design and development. There are still many companies that need to have websites for their businesses. Websites are also evolving in terms of design and functionality. Hence, there will always be a continuous demand for web development and upgrade. 7. Social media marketing. Social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, are where the majority of consumers spend their time in this digital age. Help businesses reach their target market and customers through social media marketing solutions and services. 8. PR and online reputation management. Help your clients create a buzz on the Internet to promote their new products or businesses. You can also provide online reputation management services to monitor your clients’ online mentions and manage the online integrity of their brands. 9. Virtual assistance. Offer business owners and executives around the world with your virtual assistance services (e.g., encoding, making presentations, managing email and other administrative or secretarial jobs) so that they can focus on their core tasks. 10. Mobile app development. There are many types and uses of mobile apps. You can create mobile applications for your own startup or you can create mobile apps for clients. There are companies who need mobile apps for marketing their business online. 11. Online store. Having an online store will give you the ability to find customers and do transactions with them on the Internet through an e-commerce enabled website. Almost all kinds...
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