15 W08 Precision Systems Inc Case Analysis

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ACF3431 - Performance Measurement and Control
Precision Systems, Inc. Case analysis
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Explain the difference between quality of design and quality of conformance. Quality of design is the quality that the producer or supplier is preparing to offer to the customer. While quality of conformance is the level of the quality of product actually produced and delivered through the production or service process of the organization as per the specifications or design. Quality of design is meant to introduce a new product or upgrade an existing product to meet customers’ needs whereas quality of conformance is the measure which determines whether the product is being manufactured according the design without much deviation or dissimilarity.

From your reading of the case describe two issue(s) or problem(s) which should be the focus of your case analysis. Communication gap is always exists between the order entry staff, sales representatives and manufacturing because of discrepancies. This will lead to no enough information prepared for quotations from the order entry department.

PSI focused on improvement in the manufacturing function, while other departments only paid a little attention in it. Manufacturing is not only PSI’s work when designing and producing a product, cooperation should be needed between departments in order for high quality products. Describe a relevant recommendation or action derived from the analysis undertaken above that could be implemented (be specific). A specific department should be set up to collect, allocate and transfer information to order entry staff, sales representatives and manufacturing departments. This will make communication between departments easier thus information configuration will be reduced.
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