PXmart commercial analysis

Topics: Credit card, Marketing, Entertainment Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: November 24, 2013
The Successful Factors of Pxmart’s Debut on TV
When it comes to successful commercials in Taiwan over the past few years, the first thought that comes to my mind is the series of amusing and also very impressive Pxmart(全聯) commercials all the time. Several years have passed and I still remember every detail in the very first commercial of the series. It starts with an old-fashioned neonlight scene that could be often seen in Taiwanese variety shows decades ago. Then the host shows up and introduces the rarely-heard-before company to viewers by bringing each of its “flaws” to light: compared to other supermarkets, there’s no fancy glazed tiles, no high-quality uniform for their employees, no spacious room, no parking spaces, or even no credit card payment acceptance at all. In the end, the conclusion is presented to the audience clearly in en empty white background: “We save the money so as to offer you a lower price.” Exposing its own shortcomings turns out to be the key factor of making this commercial a hit. Contrary to positive marketing strategy of advertisements, Pxmart keeps mocking itself by telling people how shabby their supermarkets are. While viewers are amused by the ironic plot, they are also able to understand that the company actually has every reason for the no-frills service. In the past, most of the commercials of supermarkets use “low price” to attract clients’ attention as a selling point. However, not only does the commercial of Pxmart inform that their products are inexpensive, but it also puts an emphasis on “why” Pxmart is able to sell the commodities at a very low price. Saving all the unnecessary expenses is a means of offering feedback to their customers with much lower prices. The down-to-earth feature of Pxmart becomes the best evidence, making its price predominance way more convincing. In addition, the host makes the soul of the whole commercial. This Mr. Pxmart was widely recognized by Taiwanese overnight right after the...
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