Michigan Manufacturing Corporation's the Pontiac Plant

Topics: Lathe, Metalworking, Sheet metal Pages: 65 (12011 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Manufacturing Technology – I MI 231

Instructor – Dr. Akshay Dvivedi

Autumn 2011-2012

Manufacturing Technology – I MI 231
Relative Weightage of Marks Class Work Sessional (CWS): Practical Sessional (PRS): Mid Term Examination (MTE): End Term Examination (ETE): 15% 15% 30% 40%

Objective: To impart knowledge about the process principles, equipment, and applications of different forming processes, machining operations, and grinding processes.


S. No 1 Contents Introduction: Classification of different manufacturing processes, application areas and limitations, selection of a manufacturing process. 2 Contact Hours



Press Working of Sheet Metal: Types of presses, drives and 11 feed mechanisms; Operations: Shearing, bending, spinning, embossing, blanking, coining and deep drawing; Die materials, stock layout, compound and progressive dies and punches, construction details of die set, auxiliary equipment, safety devices. Machine Tools and Operations: Classification of machining processes and machine tools, cutting tool materials, different types of cutting tools, nomenclature of single point and multi point cutting tools, concept of cutting speed, feed and depth of cut, use of coolants, constructional details including accessories and attachment, operations, setting and tooling for capstan and turret lathes, drilling, boring and broaching machines, milling operations.


S. No 4 Contents Grinding: Operations and applications of surface, cylindrical 4 and centreless grinding processes, dressing, truing and balancing of grinding wheels, grading and selection of grinding wheels. Total 28 Contact Hours


Suggested Books
S. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Name of Authors /Books /Publisher DeGarmo, E. P., Black, J.T., and Kohser, R.A., “Materials and Processes in Manufacturing”, Prentice-Hall of India Kalpakjian, S., and Schmid, S.R., “Manufacturing Engineering and Technology”, Pearson Education Groover, M.P., “Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing”, John Wiley & Sons Lindberg, R.A., “Processes and Materials of Manufacture”, Prentice-Hall of India Rao, P.N., “Manufacturing Technology”, (Vol. 2), Tata McGraw-Hill Year of Pub. 1997 2000 2002 1990 1998

Different Components…Different Aspects
Small Simple

23 feet, 6 tonnes , 99.72% iron, No rust since 5th century AD Big Complex

Iron pillar


Manufacturing – Need and concept
• Manufacturing - Value addition processes by which raw materials (low utility and value due to inadequate material properties and poor or irregular size, shape and finish) are converted into valued products (high utility due to definite dimensions and finish imparting functional ability.

Value addition by manufacturing.

Manufacturing – Need and concept
Production Engineering covers two domains: – Production or Manufacturing Processes – Production Management • Manufacturing Processes - science and technology of manufacturing products effectively, efficiently, economically and environment-friendly through: – Application of any existing manufacturing process and system – Proper selection of input materials, tools, machines and environments. – Improvement of the existing materials and processes – Development of new materials, systems, processes and techniques


Manufacturing – Need and concept
Production Engineering covers two domains: – Production or Manufacturing Processes – Production Management • Production Management - planning, coordination and control of the entire manufacturing in most profitable way with maximum satisfaction to the customers by best utilization of the man, machine, materials and money. Goal in manufacturing requires fulfillment of one or more of the following objectives: – – – – Reduction of manufacturing time Increase of productivity Reduction of manufacturing cost Increase in profit or profit rate

Manufacturing – Need and concept


Manufacturing – Need and concept

Material flow is of three...
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